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Stress Management

3 Stress Management Techniques to Keep That Tension in Check

To a degree, worry is a normal (and sometimes healthy) part of life. Healthy tension kicks our body into gear and gets us doing the tasks that need to be done. When this tension begins to look more like a constant, inescapable strain on your health and mental wellness, then it may be time to look into stress management. Given the pressures of modern life, living pressure-free is almost an impossibility. Focusing on stress management strategies that help to lift the load is vital and may help improve your quality of life.

If you are looking for stress management techniques that you can try at home, any time of the day, then below are a few examples of some straightforward activities that will keep that sense of unease at bay.

1. Setting Boundaries

One of the most significant reasons most people experience an unhealthy amount of pressure is because of all the responsibilities on their plate. Understanding that your physical energy and mental reserves are important means that you will need to decline requests from time to time. Focus your energy on what you feel is most important, and avoid giving your best to everyone who asks a favour.

2. Identify What is Out of Your Control

In early 2019, marketing research and consulting firm, Ipsos, conducted a study with 20 019 participants. The study sought to identify what caused citizens of various countries the highest degree of strain. Unsurprisingly, the results published show that South Africans rank far above other countries in terms of their worries surrounding political corruption and finances. Crime, violence, poverty, and social inequality also seems to plague the average South African’s thoughts continually. What this study tells us is that much of our stress comes from circumstances beyond our control. By realising that fretting over these fears is a waste of energy, we can focus on the things that we do have the ability to change.

3. Balance is Key

An unbalanced life will leave stress unchecked. It may be challenging to manage healthy eating, exercise, social relationships, family, and work, but it is essential that we try to create balance. For most, a routine or schedule is most helpful in designating time to each daily task. Be sure to make time for recreational activities and self-care.

If you are struggling with stress management in your own life and wish to finally make a change for the better, why not visit a therapist? With ample experience and training, Marteleze van Graan is a highly skilled counselling psychologist. To book a session, simply select the option online or call 071 682 4477.