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Sports Psychotherapy

Enhance Your Performance with Sports Psychotherapy

Today, successful sportsmen and women, whether individual competitors or team members, utilise the services and expertise of a sports psychotherapist as an integral part of their training and preparation regime.

Top Honours – Winning

South Africans sports aficionados are known for their love of outdoor activities. Whether they are a supporter or an individual competitor or team member, South Africans are also known to be extremely competitive and passionate about a wide range of sports. They cheer for and play for top honours; they play to win.

It takes an enormous amount of effort to be the best that you can be, to be successful and to win at any endeavour you undertake. Being a successful sports competitor requires weeks, months and years of commitment, practice, determination, discipline, and the will to achieve the ultimate success – winning. On the other hand, accepting inevitable defeat graciously, on the way to winning, requires acceptance, understanding, and a healthy perspective of emotional wellbeing.

Physical and Mental Strength and Fitness

Competing seriously in a sport en route to winning requires both physical and mental strength and fitness, because there will always be challenges to overcome along the way. The need for physical fitness is obvious, but tackling mental and emotional preparation and developing mental fitness in the modern sporting era typically requires regular sports psychotherapy sessions with a professional sports psychotherapist.

During sports psychotherapy sessions, the sports psychotherapist constantly assesses and evaluates the sportsperson to identify obvious and latent psychological hindrances in which a psychotherapeutic approach is beneficial. Helpful psychotherapy techniques include visualisation, relaxation, focus and concentration, building confidence, self-motivation, handling and coping with pressure, and developing a winning attitude and mindset.

The perfect example of a mentally unprepared athlete is, for instance, a long-distance runner that “hit the wall”. This phrase is commonly used by long-distance runners who are mentally so exhausted that they become discouraged, struggle to focus, and run at a slower pace. The long-distance runner’s focus is now more about surviving the marathon, instead of achieving their best.

Extra Edge

Based in Pretoria, the home base of many athletes, Marteleze van Graan has is a committed, enthusiastic qualified counselling psychologist and sports psychotherapist. If you want to have that extra edge by improving your performance, we suggest that you make a booking online with Marteleze. With sports psychotherapy, you will be able to make the most of all your sporting abilities.