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Therapy and Assessments

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[ Fees are charged per hour in accordance with medical aid rates. Prices are negotiable for private clients ]


Psychotherapy is a broad term and involves providing individuals with a safe space to share their challenges. Individuals are not judged and through the process of therapy they are assisted to deal more effectively with the challenges they face.


Couples are faced with unique challenges such as feelings that they are drifting apart, living past each other, an affair etc. This therapy involves assisting both parties to effectively deal with these difficulties. The focus is often on changing the communication between the couple in order to facilitate change in their relationship.

Emotional Difficulties

This ranges from mood difficulties to anxiety and grief/loss and everyday emotional challenges that you may face. Mood difficulties include feeling down or depressed and not being able to figure out why or a formal diagnosis as determined by a psychiatrist. Anxiety is often times linked to the fear of the unknown and uncertainty regarding the future. The passing of a loved one brings a rollercoaster of emotions and can be overwhelming to deal with.

Therapy with Children

In working with children, I use a combination of play therapy and teddy bear therapy to assist them to deal with the difficulties that they may experience.

Sport Psychology

The world of sport is an extremely competitive environment in which fitness levels and talent alone is not enough to achieve greatness. This is where sport psychology/performance enhancement assists in providing the individual with the mental edge to perform more optimally.

Work Related Challenges

This includes a variety of different challenges faced by the individual in the work environment such as conflict, stress, difficulty relating to colleagues etc.


This is used in conjunction with psychotherapy to assist an individual to deal with the challenges that they may face.


There are 3 types of assessments. All of them involve a feedback session to discuss the results.

Intellectual and emotional assessment
The first type consists of intellectual and emotional assessment for children/adolescents. Assessment is done to determine if there are any discrepancies in concentration, memory etc.

Subject Choice Assessment
This assessment typically occurs in the Gr 9 year of the teenager and involves testing the teenager's aptitude and interest.

Career Assessment / Aptitude
During this assessment, aptitude, interests and personality is measured in order to assist the teenager to make an informed decision regarding his or her career.