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Hypnosis Therapist Pretoria

Need a Hypnosis Therapist in Pretoria? Marteleze van Graan Can Help

If you are located in and around Pretoria and have been looking for a hypnosis therapist to help support you or a loved one, then you have come to the right place. Marteleze van Graan is not only a highly qualified counselling psychologist with an independent practice in Pretoria, but she is experienced in hypnosis as an aid to psychotherapy too.

What is Hypnosis?

Finding a therapist who specialises in hypnosis is rare, although busier cities such as Pretoria do have a few. It is not uncommon, then, that most South Africans have either never heard of the term before or have some misconceptions as to what it entails. Hypnotherapy has a questionable reputation thanks to Hollywood depictions that do not always accurately convey what this therapeutic tool is really about or how it can assist people in need of support. Hypnosis, for example, is not:

  • Falling under a spell that compels you to behave a certain way.
  • Doing someone else’s bidding against your will.
  • Acting as a puppet while completely unconscious.
  • Opening your mind up to anything that might be used to control you.

Hypnotherapy firstly aims to create an atmosphere in which the patient can unwind and enter a hypnotic state. While a hypnotic state seems trance-like, it is merely a state of consciousness in which the patient is completely relaxed and has their focus guided towards issues that need to be handled. It is in this way that a therapist who uses this method can reach their client at a place of vulnerable openness, with an ability to more easily enter into their psyche’s deeply held pain.

When is Hypnotherapy Helpful?

Those in the field of psychology have long been aware of the transformative power of hypnosis in conjunction with other forms of therapy. Hypnotherapy can be helpful for numerous concerns such as phobias, self-esteem, addiction, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and sometimes pain control. A therapist can even use hypnotherapy as a way to help patients let go of the daily pressures they experience in their life in order to manage stress levels.

How to Know If It’s Right for You

Hypnotherapy alone may not be enough to help you, but when used alongside productive psychotherapy, it can yield wonderful results. If you are still curious about what this technique entails and how it’s done, feel free to contact Marteleze van Graan or book your own appointment at her practice in Garsfontein, Pretoria.